This Federal Reserve “failure” could be a serious warning of things to come

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One of the Federal Reserve’s first post-crisis tests of its ability to quash excessive risk-taking using regulatory tools is so far looking like a failure. The Fed’s Board of Governors told Congress last week that it’s engaged in “strong supervisory follow-up” to guidance given to banks in 2013 to improve their underwriting standards for high-yield […]

At the Fed, ‘Success’ Is About Limiting Its Damage

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In congressional testimony last week, newly minted Fed Chairman Janet Yellen ably revealed why the central bank she runs is often such an imposing barrier to economic progress. While it will be explained later in the piece why Yellen will ultimately have a successful Fed tenure in a debased, “soft bigotry of low expectations” sense, […]

Mike Maloney’s Forum For A Monetary Solution – Bitcoin? Gold? Silver?

Mike Maloney’s Forum For A Monetary Solution – Bitcoin? Gold? Silver?

Property and Peace

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There is not very much good to say about the life and career of Vladimir Lenin, but give the pickled old monster this much: He cut through more than two centuries’ worth of bull and straight to the heart of all politics with his simple question: “Who? Whom?” Which is to say: Who acts? Who […]

Microsoft to cut 18,000 jobs this year as it chops Nokia

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(Reuters) - Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella kicked off one of the largest layoffs in tech history on Thursday, hoping to reshape the aging PC industry titan into a nimbler rival to Apple and Google, and jolt a culture at the company that is used to protecting its existing Windows and Office franchises. Microsoft Corp said on […]

A corporate malaise is afflicting the West

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Our corporate world has lost its mojo. OK, so the swashbuckling nature of Rupert Murdoch’s $80 billion tilt at Time Warner this week might seem to disprove this possibly simplistic claim. Despite the humiliating setbacks of recent years, there seems to be ambition left in the octogenarian media mogul yet. In any case, he’s lost […]

Investors haven’t been this optimistic since 1987. Here’s why that’s bad.

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Is the market too optimistic? The most recent survey by Investors Intelligence reports a market bull/bear ratio of 4-to-1. That’s the highest it’s been all year, close to the peak of 2013 and approaching levels not seen since early 1987. “Typically, when there’s too many bulls in the market, the market tends to be due for […]

Silver: What Stage Are We At?

Silver: What Stage Are We At?

Fed Chair Yellen: Some valuations “appear stretched”

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Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told lawmakers the central bank must press on with record monetary stimulus to combat persistent job-market weakness. “There are mixed signals concerning the economy,” Yellen said in response to questions during testimony to the Senate Banking Committee today. “We need to be careful to make sure that the economy is […]

US wants law to clamp down on firms moving overseas

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The Obama administration has added its voice to the growing chorus of criticism of US companies shifting their legal addresses overseas, in many cases to Ireland, urging Congress to curb the tax-cutting practice. The Wall Street Journal reported late on Tuesday that US treasury secretary Jack Lew urged members of Congress in a letter to pass legislation immediately “to shut […]

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