Media’s Political Contributions Reveal Stunning Leftist Bias

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It likely comes as little surprise to millions of Americans that mainstream media outlets tend to skew disproportionately toward leftist causes. A recent report showing the political donations of those working within these outlets, however, might shock the uninitiated.

While employees of frequently lambasted cable news networks like CNN and CNBC have an overwhelming predilection toward financially supporting leftist ideals, their collective bias actually pales in comparison to some of their competitors. Employees of these two networks earmarked about 70 percent of all contributions to Democrat groups in recent years with the remaining 30 percent ending up with Republicans.

The parent company of both CNBC and MSNBC, however, is a much more biased network based on information provided by the Center for Responsive Politics. According to a report conducted by Capitol City Project, a full 92 percent of all political giving by NBC employees went directly to Democrats. NBC Sports staffers, by the way, contributed exclusively to the left.

At ABC, the breakdown is virtually identical.

In a number of recent years, CBS employees gave 100 percent of their political contributions to support leftist causes.

Tim Graham of the Media Research Center said the study’s findings are not surprising.

“This pattern’s been going on for decades,” he explained. “We noted the tilt in a study we did when Bill Clinton was running for president.”

Still, too many Americans buy into the myth that the mainstream media are the sole arbiters of unbiased news while alternative press – blogs, talk radio, and even Fox News – are nothing but conservative shills.

In reality, this study proves what the right has been saying for years: the mainstream media are among the most biased sources of news and information available in America. As a result, it is hardly surprising these outlets are hemorrhaging viewers at an astounding rate.

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